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Has the library been a success?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Together we built a library in July 2019. Followings Foundation and Busubi leaders and students all pitched in to unpack and shop for books, construct and paint library shelves and get a catalogue going.

We were so proud, we all posed with photos and all the kids dove in when we laid out the books. So when we asked for a report on how the library was going now, we read that the loaning of books had dropped from 75% down to 20% in November.

We were worried, maybe we didn’t make the right choice investing our time in this project—that maybe the novelty had worn off.

But as we read on we found out that the students were busy with their national school exams and were not able to make it to the centre to borrow books. Ah! That made sense, and also made us proud to know Busubi students were committed to working towards their education.

**Warning** heart warming moment coming up. There was more in there report... we’ll let Madam Prossy’s words tell you:

Muddu Tonny has appeared the most interested trainee in reading books from our centre library. He has read so many various books so far that he can narrate stories which is impressive.”

We’ll keep you updated on how the library goes once exams are over. If you believe in the power of books, and want to hear more stories like Muddu Tony, we welcome your support to continue to grow the library at Busubi Empowered Communities learning centre - Donate here.

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