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New volunteers join #FF24for24

Welcome to the 24 for 24 Challenge!

Screenshot from social media. Lauren in a yoga pose with text saying 'Day One as also the last day of working back in breakfast radio'

Holidays are almost here and we want everyone thriving as we all head into 2024! So we created a way for people to join our journey as we raise $24,000 for 2024 (current annual operational costs) and fill their cup at the same time! Pouring from a full cup is very important and we have so many opportunities to give love at this time of the year, so let's make sure we're not running on empty!

We excitedly kicked of our 24 for 24 challenge on 1 December.

We have challengers swimming for every day for 24 days. Others are meditating, walking, writing music or doing yoga every day for 24 days... the list of challenges is almost as long as the list of legends taking them on!

Volunteer Mark pictured with two young kids in Uganda. Text says 'I'm fundraising for Followings Foundation'

We have asked our volunteers to let people in their communities know what they're up to and ask for sponsorship to help us raise $24,000 for 2024!

But most importantly, we want our volunteers to have fun and reap the rewards of focusing on something thats important to them.

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