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A new year and new beginnings at BEC

We hope you've had a wonderful start to 2024. The new year brings new opportunities and we're just delighted to share these with you and our partners in Busubi, Uganda.

We invite you to read our first report for the year. prepared by Shallon Nakimwero, Manager, Busubi Empowered Communities:

Photo of Shallon Nakimwero with styled hair, gold earrings an orange shirt

Warmest and kind regards from BEC.

I'm glad to share with you some of the activities done last week at Busubi Empowered Communities learning centre.

Tailoring training resumes with new machines and a new teacher

We have been able to restart the tailoring training lessons after the assembling of the new electric sewing machines and fixing of the manual machines. We also have a new tailoring trainer, Hanifah.

The training lessons ran for two days that's Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 5pm.

Trainees that attended the first training lessons were so excited and appreciative for the refurbishment of the Learning Center in the way possible.

Hairdressing students returning to class

In addition to tailoring, Hairdressing training lessons also resumed under the guidance of trainer Daphine. The lessons were attended by 3 trainees.

Power is back on!

Still during the week, trainees Fausta, Wycliffe and Arnold teamed up with me to complete the manual activities of ploughing and pruning around the centre, including clearing the banana plantation of weeds.

John brought an electrician to work on the electric power that had been off for almost two weeks and is now reconnected. Thanks to everyone for the support.

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