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✨ Gift of Giving // Books 4 Busubi 💕

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

This festive season we’re sharing the gift of generosity with Busubi. We reached out to the small, but evolving Ugandan community, asking for a list of items that would help bring cheer, and support them into a prosperous new year.

This started out as a small idea of buying some books for their library we built together in July. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, we've grown the gift ideas to what you see below.

We’re so grateful for your support, and for sharing this with likeminded people close to you.

Webale nyo 🙏

We'd love to see learning options from kids counting through to accurate biology textbooks.

Music, Dance and Drama students practise their dance routines and are hired to perform.

Young and old, any kind of picture book was a hit at reading time.

To practise making garments, tailoring students save up to purchase their own fabric.

To complement classes, teachers show YouTube videos from leaders around the world.

We're so grateful for your support, please select the amount you would like to gift and hit ’Donate Now’.

From us at Followings Foundation, and the Busubi community, we thank you and wish you and your family a merry festive season. We're so incredibly grateful for you.

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