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Health: a right for all

As a basic human right, everyone across the world must have access to the health services they need. Shockingly, around 30% of the global population is not able to access essential health services. Almost two billion people face catastrophic or impoverishing health support, with significant inequalities affecting those in the most vulnerable pockets across the world.

At Followings Foundation, we work in small ways to level out these inequities and advocate for sustainable change. Working alongside our partners, Busubi Empowered Communities, we have big goals to open up Busubi to the economic and education opportunities offered to the rest of the world. We need a strong pillar of health in place to enable the pathways for these goal.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 set back every country's journey of health for all. COVID-19 and other health emergencies, overlapping humanitarian and climate crises, economic constraints, and war have made every country's journey to #HealthForAll more urgent.

We're grateful to the many people who support us to take action for the rural Ugandan community of Busubi. Together we've been responsible for building, resourcing, staffing, and supporting a Community Learning Centre that offers free classes seven days a week.

In addition to that, we've been there for Busubi through challenges outside of our structured learning.

To achieve the health-related Global Sustainable Development Goals and bring us closer to a fairer, healthier world, we need help to continue our progress. For World Health Day we thank you for your support and ask you to join us as we continue to take action to make #HealthForAll a reality.

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