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Dance for prosperity

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Last month BEC Music, Dance and Drama students officially began dance troupe training. We think this will begin a new exciting phase, where the new BEC dance troupe will be hired to perform and entertain at local community events.

Giving the young performers of Busubi a chance to build their confidence and show off their skills, we can’t wait to hear how they progress! Charging a performance fee will also help generate income into the learning centre, to be reinvested into learning opportunities for students.

Here’s where we need help: One of the small ways Followings Foundation are supporting the troupe get started is to help fund their costumes. If you’re looking for an opportunity to give to others this festive season, we’ll pass on your donation to Busubi students — DONATE HERE 💙

$11 AUD, $8 USD for one dance costume, but you can choose to donate as many as you like. Once the dance costumes are funded, extra donations will be put towards equipment (including a xylophone, tube fiddles and rattles) for the music students that will travel with the troupe!

We can’t wait to share their success with you.

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