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‘All people at the party danced their waists off’

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Doesn’t that sound like a party you want to be at? Our generous donors helped us, Followings Foundation, sponsor an end-of-year celebration to thank the students, teachers and staff at Busubi Empowered Communities (BEC). After a big year, we loved watching everyone celebrate with full hearts.

Lauren and I received a virtual invite to the party 🎉 and we joined in the dancing after being shown through the decorations on the centre.

✍🏻 Written by Derrick Ssebuggwawo:


It was such a joyful day at BEC, a day full of excitement. A long-awaited day finally came. The interior of our learning centre was well decorated with a lot of things that made the place look really beautiful.

The party kicked off with trainees having their faces painted with good face designs. At around 11:20 am, we had a video call with some of our guests; Lauren and Beck. Trainees had a great time celebrating with them this big day, dancing and singing Christmas carols together with them. After the video call, the next items continued. Trainees played so many indoor games and winners were all awarded with gifts.

At 1:00 pm, mimes and karaoke started, trainees mimed many songs relating to the birth of Jesus Christ. After mimes and karaoke were done, the arrangements for the play went ahead. The play was titled Joy To The World and it was presented by trainees themselves. The play manifested the birth of Jesus Christ.

Later on, after the play, we had a well-prepared meal of roasted meat and a lot of soft drinks.

And after lunch, we had all the BEC staff introducing themselves and their responsibilities. Vicente spoke first followed by Shallon who as well spoke on behalf of John who reminded people present that the gift of love from The Followings Foundation is a rare gift we must continue to use seriously so that real empowerment is registered in each person's life so as to give huge meaning and importance to tireless and generous efforts of The Followings Foundation Directors and friends around the globe. She went on to mention that without The Followings Foundation continued support, the training wouldn't be possible because BEC couldn't afford wages for the trainers. She also told members that because of COVID19 a big number of charities have closed offices and stopped partnership in different parts of the world but The Followings Foundation has stood with us through such hard times. She was followed by Pauline, Milly, Clare and Derrick who appreciated our sponsors The Followings, for the love and support they always give to BEC to run and in order trainees come and acquire free lessons and so many other privileges. Derrick still thanked The Followings Foundation for sponsoring the party, he particularly thanked Lauren and Beck for the restless efforts they put in fundraising for BEC activities.

Beatrice on behalf of trainees thanked the Founder and trainers of BEC for continuing to be true to their word/promise of offering free skills training to the poor people of Busubi. She asked the BEC director to deliver their heartfelt appreciation to Lauren and her entire team for having a special love for the people of Busubi to this extent. She emphasized it's not believed that this centre has offered free of charge real training to the interested people. She mentioned that most people were suspicious that after the first year, charging fees would start but it hasn't come to happen because Lauren and team have kept supporting this centre. She asked BEC and Lauren to consider adding more programs on the list of training courses like Driving sessions and Catering. She concluded by wishing BEC staff, Lauren and team a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

At 4:00 pm, at the climax of the party, the cake was cut and trainees enjoyed while eating it. After the cake all people at the party danced their waists off, celebrating and jubilating wishing each other Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021. As the party ended we also prayed that our partners continue being with good health and positive energy to see that another year of training is successful. We agreed that COVID19 is real and we must do our best to avoid being victims of it.

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