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Gathering receipts for tax time? Don't forget your charitable donation!

Our partners in Uganda are delivering such great work. We'd love that to continue and grow in the financial year ahead.

It’s tax time!

Just like many other beautify charities, we're asking you to consider Followings Foundation for your charitable donation to support a good cause and also bring down your taxable income.

Why choose Followings?

We are really motivated by equal access to the abundant resources that we have in the world and the incredible opportunities that many of us are offered every day in the communities that we live in. 

We would love to share abundance and opportunity with others around the world. 

We are partnered with an organisation in rural Uganda who have the same thinking and ethos. Together with them we’ve built a learning centre where we continue to fund the operational costs and staff wages. 

At that learning centre there are free learning opportunities for surrounding community members which includes anything from trade skill classes, like hairdressing and tailoring, through to community building classes, like women’s empowerment and agricultural classes so community members can learn skills to take away to their own farms.

We are incredibly proud of the work that the team is doing in Uganda. We would love you to consider joining us in supporting continuing that incredible work.

If we’re not for you, we’d also love you to share us with a mate who is looking for a cause like us to support. We are certainly looking for them.

Thank you very for considering us.

Make a quick and easy, tax deductible donation here:

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