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📝 Founder Update: Communication, celebrations and cake!

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

6:30am Tuesday 14th March: Last night we celebrated the birthday of BEC Founder and Director John Ssentamu. 🥳 It was his first birthday party with a cake 🍰 and we all had the best time! John’s Maama joined us in her traditional Gomezi.

John blowing out candles on his cake

During the day more talks were held regarding income generation for the Centre. Pre-pandemic BEC and Followings Foundation (FF) were working towards a 25% BEC / 75% FF funding split.

Since inception BEC has been 100% funded by Followings Foundation. COVID slowed us down but it remains our goal for this year.

Over time, we’ll move to 50/50, then all the way to 75/25 and maybe even higher.

The projects we’ve been planning on this trip are just the start and with good governance these projects will prove to future investors that BEC is not only a great cause, but a sound business model as well.

Four adults dancing in restaurant

While we work towards these goals, we still need grassroots support from all the people who have helped us to this point.

And if you are yet to donate but have followed our journey or you are new here, please consider making a super quick and easy contribution today via this link:

Nkwagala nyo,


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