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📝 Founder update: Souls travelling across timezones

Thursday 9th March 8:12pm: We are tired this evening. Tired because souls can’t travel as fast as planes and bodies can’t automatically update like timezones on our phone.

But we are also tired for the best reason of all! We have, in the words of our Queen 👑 Rihanna, work, work, work, work, worked since we arrived in the village 32 hours ago.

Breakfast, lunch and dinners are all spent conversing and learning and the spaces in between are full with agendas and planning for how our partnership with BEC can be stronger than ever in 2023.

Today, on my way to the latrine 3 different real members stopped me with an urgent contribution to our discussions that simply couldn’t wait!

I am tired but I know I will wake up tomorrow full of the energy I need to lead and love fully.

The Uniform Contract, worth more than 5million shillings, will be complete soon and the Centre will be ready to reopen come 1st of April 2023.

Our target of $6000 will set us in good stead for the first couple of months while we focus finalising corporate funding for 3 new income-generating projects for the Centre.

Bedtime for me now,

Nkwagala nyo,


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