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Directing our energy as a globally-focused organisation

Our hearts have been pulled in many directions already this year. And we’re only 21 days in.

It’s been incredibly heartbreaking witnessing bushfires ravage parts of Australia. Fire has taken the lives of some of our fellow Australians, including those fighting to keep others safe. Homes and livelihoods have been lost and millions and millions of animals.

The pull to act, to fix, to fight, to help, to cry, to change, to vote, to care, to understand… it’s all been so strong. Sometimes it has felt hard to show up, to be positive and passionate and to continue to work towards change.

While we have volunteers from across the globe, and our partners are in Uganda, Followings is an Australian-based charity. 🇦🇺 Our founder, board members and social media button pusher (me) live in different states across our beautiful country.

We’ve all felt empathy for those on the frontline, fearing for their homes, fighting fires, caring for those humans and animals impacted. Our hearts have been with them and we’re not the only ones… Our partners in 🇺🇬 Uganda—Busubi Empowered Communities—have reached out and checked in with us over the last few months as they have seen #AustraliaBurns in their news feeds.

When Lauren and I last caught up, we reflected on this emotionally tumultuous time. It’s within both of us to give of ourselves to help or to fight for those who need it. We see the incredible challenge we are facing as Australians, as global citizens of the world. We also see how unstoppable humans are when they rally behind each other, showing up for others in times of need.

Boy oh boy do we know the impact of people power. We wouldn’t be here typing on a website that connects global change-makers without recognising the incredible passion living inside those ready to make a difference.

As a globally-focused organisation, there will always always be others who need help. We are 100% grateful to those who chose to give their time and energy towards anything that calls to them as a way to make our world a better place. It’s EXACTLY what we’re all about.

We ourselves have made a commitment to share our passion with the community of Busubi. And leading into our next trip to Uganda in May this year, we need to spread the word to find the beautiful souls who are also looking for the opportunity we’re offering.

Our opportunity:

🔆 We’re looking for eight awesome humans, who will each raise AUD$6,500 each over the next few months - with our full support!

🔆 The trip is from the 14th to the 26th of May, 2020 - volunteers can depart from most major airports world-wide.

🔆 The money we raise supports the Learning & Community Centre of Busubi through staff wages, teaching resources, leadership development & investment in long-term projects to take the Centre towards their goal of being self-sustaining by 2021 (and it also covers your flights, accom & food)!

🔆 The team of 8 volunteers will also facilitate community workshops to empower locals and be hands-on with village projects.

🔆 Living in the village for 9 days is a life-changing experience! Tell us you’re ready to join us - click here.

If you’re not ready this year, consider making a small donation towards this year’s team and you’ll join our mailing list. We’ll keep you up to date on upcoming trips!

Also, we’d love your support on our social media channels!

P.S. I’m still working out images and this webpage... hence the oversized icons 😆

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