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Last week’s classes in Busubi

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

After each class, teachers at the Busubi Empowered Communities Learning Centre make a note of their lesson plan and reflect on the progress of the class.

As well as being an important business record, it’s a wonderful way for BEC leaders to track the development of studies and it helps our Followings Foundation team members feel connected to day-to-day life in Busubi.

Scroll through the below to read the latest teachers' class notes (apologies, we don't have translation for tailoring).

Handwritten note about the music, dance and drama class on 17 November. BEC students trained in their troupe dance, with Dickson saying they were 'good and promising. Beginning.'
Teacher Dickson's notes about Music, Dance & Drama classes

Teacher Ali's notes about Computer Studies classes

Teacher Milly's notes about Tailoring classes

Teacher Margret's notes about Hair Dressing classes

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