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Busubi is back to school

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Every month I find a special treat in the reports. Not only do I read all about what the students and teachers have been up to in Busubi Learning and Community Centre, but the treat for me is Prossy’s (BEC Assistant Manager) writing style. There is always a little quirk, or a turn of phrase that makes me smile and think of Prossy and the unique personalities of all of the BEC team.

Here’s the latest report, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do.


It wasn’t so busy at BEC as trainees were still coming from the holidays. We had low attendance in most of the classes, however, it didn’t deny the teachers from giving in their best to the trainees who were able to attend.


We had hairdressing and during this session, students were taught how to plait samba twist and Kiswahili twists, since samba twist was a new style to them, by doing this they were all flowing on a speed of a snail. Kiswahili was done well I guess they had ideas about how it’s twisted since it’s a mutual hairstyle in the village.


In tailoring the turn up was promising according to the previous attendances. Here they learnt how to make a long trouser and it was a success according to Milly’s remarks. They also learnt how to sew a back pocket on any kind of trouser.


Students also took part in a computer lesson where they had a short look at LibreOffice calc (ranking). This lesson was so much of a disappointment due to power outage caused by the malfunctioning batteries.

This past week we had no Agriculture and MDD due to the unavailability of the trainees but next week we are hoping for their attendances since they're all well informed that all centre activities resumed.

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