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Are you ready to step up and make a difference? Join our 2030 Circle and become part of the movement to end chronic hunger by 2030. Whether you decide to be a 2030 Global Investor, a 2030 Supporter or a 2030 Member, being part of this community of investors giving on a regular basis means that your collective impact is amplified!

Being part of the growing 2030 community means that you also receive regular updates and news about our work and invitations to exclusive investor events.

When your investment enables The Hunger Project to train one person, the ripple effect it catalyses is far-reaching – to their children, spouses, neighbours and wider community. This is the power of The Hunger Project’s approach thanks to your investment. Together, we are truly unstoppable!

Global Investor Group

The Global Investor Group is a community of ordinary people who are committed to making an extraordinary difference.The Hunger Project Australia is passionate about ending hunger by transforming communities and empowering people to take ownership of change – both in rural villages across Africa, India and Bangladesh and here in Australia. Hunger can end, but it will take our investment and leadership.

By becoming a Global Investor, you are committing your money with conscious and deliberate action – matching your resources with the leadership of our village partners. Together, we are making a meaningful difference that will last generations.

We use the word “invest” purposefully. Our investors receive a social and personal return on their money. Your money is shaping a new world.

Global Investors invest a minimum of $5,000 annually. Investing at this level not only impacts the hungry, it has a profound impact on the investor. In giving, you will receive so much in return.

The Hunger Project Australia is passionate about engaging our community in a meaningful way that has us connect, stretch and make a difference. As a member of the Global Investor Group you are joining a community of like-minded individuals, families and companies who believe that we can end hunger in our generation and who are taking action with their money to bring this about. You will have opportunities to come together, to be updated on our work, and to connect with other extraordinary and inspiring people from the Global Investor Community.

We are building a movement of Global Citizens who stand shoulder to shoulder with the most impoverished people on our planet. Together, we are ending hunger.

By becoming a 2030 Global Investor, you will be connected to communities around the world that have a shared goal of ending hunger by 2030. Your collective investment in humanity unlocks the leadership, creativity and capacity of our village partners, and gives them the resources and knowledge to end their own hunger. Your investment also shapes the world that you live in, and the world that the next generation is living into.

When you invest $5,000 or more in any one year in The Hunger Project, we’ll recognise you as a 2030 Global Investor.


2030 Member

As a 2030 Member, your investment will be used to fund a full range of The Hunger Project’s integrated programs. This gives us the flexibility to respond to the priorities of our partner communities, as and when they arise.


Microfinance loans in Africa.
With these loans and training, women living in rural villages can buy or grow nutritious food for their children, or send them to school. With economic empowerment and financial literacy, women take up greater roles in decision making and how their family spends their money.

Training and support for elected women leaders in India.
The Hunger Project enables these women to access leadership training and literacy skills, so they can learn to read and write; speak in public; and advocate and lead the political agenda to improve education, health and nutrition in their villages. With this education, the women become effective leaders for their communities.

Unleashing social entrepreneurs.
The Hunger Project empowers entrepreneurs to identify business opportunities and create flourishing small businesses. Most of these entrepreneurs are women who we support to build income generating activities so they can earn an income for their families.

Training ‘Animators’in Africa and Bangladesh.
‘Animators’ are volunteer leaders who are trained by The Hunger Project. They carry out community-based educational activities about nutrition, sanitation, food security and more for thousands of others in their communities via drama, mini-lectures and discussions.

For as little as $21 a week, you can become a 2030 Member and play a major role in ending hunger by 2030.

Become a key player in making this happen here.

If this doesn’t suit your budget, you can still be part of the movement as a 2030 Supporter!


2030 Supporter

Ending hunger is all about our collective action. You can be part of the solution no matter what you invest.
Here are some examples of what even small amounts of money can make possible:

$20 could support an elected woman in India to connect with other elected women representatives to form strong fronts in representing their communities’ needs to the local government. As a group, they are united as a force for change to bring electricity, water and education to their villages.

$30 could train an Animator in Bangladesh to stop child marriage in their village. The Hunger Project trains local volunteer leaders (‘Animators’) to educate their communities about harmful traditional practices, and the importance of girls going to school instead of being married off.

$50 could train 40 people in maternal and child health and nutrition in Africa. By teaching mothers about how they can feed their children nutritious food that is locally available, mothers can ensure their children avoid malnutrition and get the best start to life.

This is the power of your money! By investing on a monthly basis, you will be recognised as a  2030 Supporter and play a key part in our global movement ending hunger by 2030!

Major Gifts

Are you up for something big? By investing $25,000pa or more in The Hunger Project, you can catalyse change globally. Whether you give $10,000, $100,000, $1 million or more, there’s no better way to achieve transformative change on a bigger scale. We invite you to partner with us to have your investment directed in a way that lights you up and has our village partners empowered to become self-reliant and end their own hunger.

For more information on what this could look like, please contact us on (02) 9222 9088 or

This is the kind of impact your significant investment could have:

$25, 000 could have:



village partners in Africa given microfinance loans

(approx. $60 start up loan) – together with our financial literacy training, our partners use their loans to start and grow small farms or other businesses to bring in a sustainable income for their family.


Elected Woman Representatives in India trained

for 1 year in public speaking, negotiation skills, reading and writing, and advocacy to get their villages connected to electricity, clean water, education and healthcare services – to ultimately lift themselves out of poverty


women and men in Bangladesh trained to become Animators (local volunteer leaders)

who mobilise their communities to get education, healthcare, better sanitation and to transform harmful social and cultural practices so that everyone has a chance to create a future free from hunger for themselves

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